Wed 11/21 Surgery Follow Up & Baking of Pie day

3 weeks and 4 days since 1st of 2 surgeries (in 2 days).
Consult at 11 this a.m. Dissapointing–details below,
Will take TY gift to hospital staff who kept me for a week–didn’t work out; but ran into 2 nurses in elevator!
That’s 2-and-a-half weeks at home trying to retrain altered digestive system and appetite and get some strength and stamina. TDay (tomorrow) was target for being a level better. As surgeon commented upon discharge, I’ll not be eating a traditional turkey dinner–not this year. Might be tough to pass on the pies, though.

Wanted to catch Cathie’s counter cluttered with pie prep dishes and ingredients–she cleaned up before I could.

Follow Up Visit:
It was last minute scheduled (on their part) just yesterday. I’d twice requested last week. Doc (on team, not surgeon) was 30 minutes late. No cancer left showing. No mention of chemo. Half hour conversation was on diet and recovery from double surgeries. Labs from Sat. ER sufficed. Scheduled next follow up with surgery doc on Dec 19. Seems I’m expecting too much too soon. Instructed to eat like I have the flu. Came home and slept for 2 hours. Slept for 2 this morning as well prior to driving to appt.

Chills, shakes and sweats late evening… like I had the flu (I don’t). (1 hr shakes, then sweats into the night.)

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1 thought on “Wed 11/21 Surgery Follow Up & Baking of Pie day

  1. John, This is great news that the docs are not seeing any more cancer. Thank you for sharing. You #1 job is to keep focused on healing–it just takes time. It is a slow road, and in time you will get there. We are all (at LHH) thinking about you and I have a short list of LHH candidates who asked I send love & healing thoughts. ! Take care, Natalie

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