Home Day 5 Tues 11/06

Slept in chunks of time but without pain pills.

Walks today, must get back to walking. Although pain minimal, so is energy. Mid-morning trip to mall on agenda–getting out and walking.
4250 morning steps.

Reads today, more than just news feeds and articles. Time to start new book. Stopped in B&N.

Target now family TDay gathering here.

Printing up Providence Hospital requested (I requested all) reports. Thought universe would exempt me from Murphy. Printed 30/60 pages of reports, then out of paper. Then would not resume printing, so 30 pages were reprinted (yes, if only last 30 would’ve printed, then done with old ink cartridge!). But, then ran out of black ink–which took an hour’s time to trek to local Fred’s and replace. Then would not resume printing; so was able to print “from” “to.”

1 thought on “Home Day 5 Tues 11/06

  1. Great to hear about the progress John! Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈
    Keep the updates coming – delighted to see them. All the best to you with the recovery and look forward to connecting in person soon!

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