Lines in Sand, Sand Dollar Dreams & Starfish Wishes

Lines in Sand, Sand Dollar Dreams & Starfish Wishes

I drew a line with a stick in dry sand

the wind erased it

so, another I traced in sand that was moist

the tide effaced it

placed stones, did I, in a row on the beach

surging tides wiped ‘em out

to sea or buried them

and left broken dollars

as recompense

Sandman, Sand Man bring me a dream

but first reveal your silicon source—

desert or sea?

could it be, betimes, accidently,

you bag sea salt erroneously?

my eyes sure burn, occasionally

it seems my dreams fail to true

rebates? guarantees?

I can pay in sand dollar shards

Negative tide exposes positive uncoveries

stranding starfish high and dry

strikes me to wish instead of dream

star wishing requires downward

gaze not starry eyed

they’re at my feet all ‘round

scattered within outstretched reach

one by one I cradle them to sea

in turn they grant my wish to be

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