“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”
J- ohn Greenleaf Whittier quotes (American Writer, 1807-1892)

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”
– Lao Tzu quotes (Chinese taoist Philosopher, founder of Taoism, wrote “Tao Te Ching” (also “The Book of the Way”). 600 BC-531 BC)

I keep six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are
What and Why and When
How and Where and Who.
– Rudyard Kipling


“I asked God for strength that I might achieve.

I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey.

I asked for health that I might do greater things.

I was given infirmity that I might do better things.

I asked for riches that I might be happy.

I was given poverty that I might be wise.

I asked for power that I might have the praise of men.

I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God. I

asked for all things that I might enjoy life.

I was given life that I might enjoy all things.

I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for.

Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered.

I am, among all men, most richly blessed.”


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